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Team Training with ex-FC Barcelona coaches

At Academia Naranja we focus on individual development and growth of our players. All our training program:

Team Training with UEFA PRO/UEFA A coaches

The Tecnificacion Naranja is our weekly group training on Sundays from 16hrs to 17:30hrs. We offer two courses during the year, the first 15 sessions from September to December and the second 15 sessions from January to May.

Team Building Activity

With our individual approach, we also offer players the possibility to train and go on trial in Europe. We work together with amateur and professional clubs

Tecnificación Naranja

  1. What is it?

We focus on improving the technique.

  1. Why should I join?

Reaching to the top is not a matter of luck. It requires hard work and consistency. Our Tecnificacion Naranja is a space in which our students can come on Sundays and reinforce everything they learned on the week. 

  1. Details Matter

We believe that details can make the difference in the long term. This is why we…

  1. Community Building

Professional Coaches at your service

Our students are in the best hands…

Our professional team has a lot of experience coaching in many professional top level clubs in all different categories…

Become a part of Academia Naranja

Trials in Europe

Stop dreaming about it and make it happen!

With our individual and specialized approach, we also offer players the possibility to show their talent and skills by giving them the opportunity to go on trial in Spain and Europe. We have partnerships with different amateur, semi-professional and professional clubs in Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain and the Netherlands.

How does it works?

We have a special program for players that want to live and play in Spain and Europe, where they will be able to train at a high level and get the opportunity to play for a local team, including the option of trials at professional clubs in Barcelona, Spain, and the Netherlands, if the player has the required level.

  • Step 1: Winning Soccer Skills’ staff will evaluate the player during the 1st week.
  • Step 2: The next step will be a trial at a local team of his/her level, where the head coach and his staff will observe the player.
  • Step 3: At the end of the program, the player will receive an evaluation report and the possible options to sign for a local club that showed interest.

Become a part of Academia Naranja

International Camps

Are you ready to level up?

We have more than 10 years of experience organizing top level soccer camps all over the world.

BOX 1 Sport Facilities
  • Complete access to all the training centers
  • Last generation equipment
  • Natural grass/Artificial grass
BOX 2 Accomodation
  • Basic:
  • Premium:
  • Premium +:
BOX 3 Activities
  • Visit/Tour 1:
  • Visit/Tour 2:
  • Visit/Tour 3: